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The Avanç method

We have a teaching method that is dynamic and effective. We want our students to feel comfortable and participate actively in class. We go to great lengths to prepare our classes. We strive to make them enjoyable, varied and creative. Each class is individually structured, listing the activities to be covered in that class, detailing everything that is to be taught and what aspects need to be stressed in particular. At the beginning of the class, the student receives an explanation of what is going to be covered in the lesson. At the end of the class, there is a brief oral summary of what has been taught and learned that day..


We teach using a wide range of modern methods, using the most up-to-date grammatical methods, the latest texts and linguistic support. From the very first day, the class is conducted exclusively through the foreign language being learned. We develop spoken language fluency through discussions about current events and include aural exercises to further develop listening comprehension. When preparing students for exams, we give specialized classes covering the necessary themes. Continuous monitoring and evaluation: Throughout the language course, the student sits periodic tests, both written and oral, to ensure the level of learning is consistent with the program.



School support

We offer a proposal for individualized student instruction. We can develop a personal support plan for each student according to their needs and prepare them for exams, always following the school's program.



Final evaluation

At the end of each course, students are given an overall evaluation. We analyze the results achieved and the satisfaction of all participants in the various courses in companies, school support, individual and group language classes. Based on the results we can better prepare students for the next course.